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SunSystems iON Module

SunSystems iON – Middleware, integration, workflow and alerts

The Sunsystems iON Suite is a new generation of business middleware that is lighter weight, less technically demanding to implement, and built on open standards.
Users don’t need to go to the system to get the information they need – ION Suite makes sure the information comes straight to them.
Allowing businesses to get common reporting and analysis, workflow, and business monitoring with one consistent architecture.

No single system or database contains all the information you need in order to make a decision.
Information comes to you from many sources and many systems, the technology that connects these together is key to delivering value.
In addition to the easy to use connectivity, ION Suite uses event-driven architecture, so it can pro-actively push data, work activities and exception notifications to users.

At the heart of Infor Sunsystems iON Suite lies a connective network that lets your applications exchange information quickly and flexibly.
With ION Connect to unify all the parts, ION Business Vault to support synchronisation and enrich reporting and ION Workflow & Event Management to streamline your business processes, you have a system that supersedes middleware with something vastly more powerful

ION Connect

Get your applications to operate together easily, so you can seamlessly execute business processes and get fast results:

  • Connect Easily – Infor ION Connect integrates Infor solutions to each other and to third party applications, so you can quickly combine whatever solutions you need into a smoothly functioning whole.
  • Set up quickly – Infor applications operate within a standard business language, making ION setup easy. You can eliminate the top two integration challenges – the need to translate your data and to map it.
  • Operate efficiently – If you’re running a portion of your business in the cloud, ION can exchange data working in a hybrid model. You don’t need to maintain a second, separate integration stack.

ION Business Vault

A single, optimised business repository where ION Suite stores enterprise data.
This unifying source for all the data that flows through ION makes it a robust platform for reporting, business intelligence and analytics.

  • Easier Search. When data resides in one place, there’s no need to index your transactional systems.
  • Better Reporting. The Business Vault features a master data reference to ensure that your data is always consistent and relevant across your entire organisation.
  • Up-to-date data. The Business Value uses event-driven synchronisation to ensure that data is up-to-date as soon as each transaction occurs in the originating system.

ION Workflow & Event Management

ION structures the human side of your business process by letting you create, standardise and monitor your business process and change workflows yourself when you want so that you can:

  • Make your own rules. ION Event Management detects exceptions based on business rules that you define, It can also trigger notifications and alerts directed to the appropriate users with ION Workflow
  • Create workflows quickly. ION Workflow offers graphical modelling based on standards that let you design your workflow in a simple flowchart view. This makes it easy to create even complex workflows, and know that they’ll work across applications.
  • Prevent oversights. ION Event Management detects events that should have happened, but didn’t – for example, a shipment to an important customer that missed its due date. You can make ION alert the right people immediately to address important business issues promptly.
  • Provide better service. You can set up ION Event Management to monitor service levels to make sure that you meet your performance levels and maintain excellent customer service.
  • Automate Approvals. You can create simple or sophisticated workflows to automate document routing and approvals across departments and office locations worldwide.
  • Manage centrally. All tasks and alerts generated by Event Management and Workflow are managed through ION Pulse,which can run by itself or in a portal, so that you can work the way you want to work.

For more information on how ION can work for you contact us or download the brochure.

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