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SunSystems Hosting

Sunsystems Hosting on FinanSys Cloud is designed and finely-tuned to scale seamlessly for the growing needs and changing landscape of your business.

For existing customers, you can find our simple to use ‘How-to Guides’ and further information about our remote support access here.

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SunSystems is a flexible, feature-rich financial management system which, if deployed, managed and supported correctly, realises significant business benefits. But these advantages are only achieved if the overall business ecosystem is able to deliver expertise in the following areas:

  • Hardware & Infrastructure
  • Microsoft operating systems
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Database management
  • Provision of SunSystems and associated solutions
  • Implementation and functional configuration of SunSystems
  • Proactive maintenance & support of SunSystems and the back office technology and infrastructure

Launched in 2012, FinanSys Cloud became the first SunSystems Hosting solution dedicated to, and optimised for, SunSystems. A one stop provider of all the above. This means seamless support, and maximum up time, to enable you to run the most important thing for you – your finance department.

FinanSys Cloud provides secure SunSystems hosting. And because it’s a dedicated environment (i.e. a private cloud as opposed to the more common multi-tenanted cloud), this eliminates the problem of housing and maintaining computer hardware and the associated infrastructure. FinanSys Cloud is managed by a group of professionals, maintaining the supporting infrastructure, database, system backups, disaster recovery, reporting functionality and software upgrades. A fully managed service, with a single point of contact for the customer.

FinanSys Cloud Hosting Benefits

Easy to use – Full features and functionality of SunSystems, dashboards and Q&A10 reporting, document management, distribution and printing… all delivered via a web browser.

Reliability – A load balanced architecture, redundancy across two data centres, disaster recovery, hardware upgrades every two years and an uptime guarantee of 99.96%.

Expertise – People that understand the software, financial application, technology and infrastructure framework.

Maintenance – 24/7 round the clock maintenance, upgrades and system monitoring.

Helpdesk – Keep your internal resources focused on important projects and leave the ongoing maintenance to our managed services team.

Cost – Economies of scale, efficiencies and in-house expertise all contribute to cost savings from using FinanSys Cloud.

Perfect for both SMBs, and Enterprise Businesses, who don’t have IT staff and don’t have funds to invest in onsite hardware, or wish to relieve the burden on internal IT and resources associated with managing onsite infrastructure. Can also be used to replace an ageing infrastructure, or to extend a current IT system creating a hybrid model.

Scalability – FinanSys Cloud is designed and finely-tuned to scale seamlessly for the growing needs and changing landscape of your business.

Accessibility – FinanSys Cloud is a worldwide service giving users in different countries, or even continents, access to the same information, in real time, without the need for complicated VPN’s. Accessible via PC, MacBook, Android or iOS.

Secure – https secure web browser access with 2048 bit SSL encryption.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • SunSystems hosting is synchronised online to a separate backup storage
  • Failover process completed within 30 minutes
  • SQL data and critical files backed up in 15 minutes intervals
  • Standard primary retention period 30 days (but can be extended to meet your requirements)
  • Online replication of critical data to a secondary data Centre every 15 minutes
  • Virtual machine backup can be made for storage on your local network

Additional value added services for an additional fee

  • Proactive monitoring of all required services 24×7
  • Availability and performance monitoring
  • Updates and patching on regular basis
  • Based on the Microsoft System Centre product family

Monitoring and Maintenance

  • File, Exchange and other application hosting
  • Outsourced IT support
  • Hosted telephony (VoIP)

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