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Recurring Invoicing for SunSystems

Integrated directly with SunSystems, Recurring invoicing is invaluable for organisations who manage contracts with their customers and require the automatic production of repeat invoices. Ensures revenue recognition is performed quickly and accurately. ImproveS cash flow through timely billing and eliminate errors and inaccuracy.

Key Features

Contract Management

  • Capture detailed contract information including start date, end date, review dates and additional date, text and value fields
  • Flexible invoice timing. Invoices may be raised daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly annually or unusual billing periods according to user-defined patterns
  • Multiple contract line values may be used for processing into order calculations
  • Ability to add one-off charges to the system to be picked up y the invoicing module on the relevant date
  • Letters can be produced based on Contract dates showing Contract Information. These letters can be word documents or Pdfs. They can set up to email automatically or under user control.
  • Flexible import of information from other systems

Invoice Production

  • Fully automated or prompted invoice production with user-defined variation
  • Flexible calculations for invoices and postings using a comprehensive formula grammar
  • Automatic generation of financial postings and user definable postings to the host accounting system using RI’s own Ledger Interface
  • User-defined invoice layouts

Accrued/Deferred Revenue

  • Calculation based on user-defined parameters from contract values at invoice generation stage or by a seperate batch process
  • Different calculation methods available for invoice and deferred revenue calculations
  • Automated financial posting


  • Microsoft reporting technology is used
  • Deferred and accrued income reports
  • variance reporting between contract and invoiced values
  • full audit trails of all changes made

User Interface

  • Data entry and user menu screens are user definable to allow for personal customisation such as user name, display language, display format for dates, colour schemes etc
  • Data access groups provide security to restrict access to distinct user groups
  • User defined views with drill-paths to associated information

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