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FinanSys Bank Payments for SunSystems

Supporting multiple banks, for domestic, SEPA (European) and International bank payments

The FinanSys Bank Payments solution for SunSystems provides an interface between the payables functionality within Infor SunSystems and the services by your bank for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Automate and streamline your accounts payables, once your payment run within SunSystems is complete, rather than re-keying transactions that already exist in Infor SunSystems, a file can be produced to be uploaded onto your online banking platform.

The FinanSys Bank Payments solution is an easy to use, payment management tool catering for global banking requirements including the complexities associated with international EFT.

This simple, affordable solution can take the output file from SunSystems and convert it into a format suitable to upload into your online banking portal.

Benefits of using SunSystems Bank Payments

  • Save time – high transaction volumes can take hours of time to rekey the details to make payments
  • Improved cash flow control – with transactions processed exactly when you want.
  • Reduce mistakes – rekeying payments into your online banking introduces the risk of mistake and potential typos being made.
  • Increased efficiency – in the accounts payable department.
  • Support for multiple banks – each bank has their own file format required for upload, FinanSys’ SunSystems Bank Payments has support for most banks including Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, Santander, TSB, NatWest and many more.
  • Centralise your global Accounts Payable – with FinanSys’ SunSystems Bank Payments.
  • Available for all versions on Sun – improving efficiency around the payments isn’t limited to the latest version of Sun, our payment tool works for all versions.

If you are not already using the payment run process in Sun, you can save a great deal of time through:

  • Generating a list of payments to be made based on payment terms
  • Once finalised, Sun can make the relevant ledger postings to the bank account and allocate the transactions as paid
  • Remittances can be optionally generated for email
  • FinanSys’ SunSystems Bank Payments can generate a file for upload to your bank

Learn more about the SunSystems Bank Payment B4B Module, get in contact today.

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