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An effective accounting solution is essential

For businesses of any size, an effective accounting solution is essential. This will not only enable better internal efficiency but also provide more oversight and feed into accurate strategic decision making too. SunSystems provides financial management and visibility for organisations of any size, from a single person organisation to a multi national business. It has advanced functionality that is currently used by more than 9000 organisations in 190 countries, including a number of key tools that are designed to make life simpler.

SunSystems accounting tools


SunSystems analysis tools make it easy to handle the most crucial data, whether that relates to employees, locations, projects or cost centres. The software allows for scrutiny of any user-defined analysis dimensions.


Reports can be compiled instantly and with a live view of the data in question, ensuring that information is always as up to date as it can be. Compiling reports is simple and fast within SunSytems and these are as easy to update as to create.

Easy integration

For accounting software to be at its most effective, integration with other existing systems is key. SunSystems easily integrates with a range of other systems, including HR, billing, CRM or membership, enabling seamless import and export of a range of data.

Multi-company options

SunSystems is flexible and scalable for businesses of any size, with the ability to maintain unlimited companies or departments and a range of automatic consolidation options.

Currency tools

Up to five currencies are available against each transaction with SunSystems and unlimited currencies are supported.

Essential automation

If better financial management is a business goal, the automation tools within SunSystems provide an easy way to make a range of processes more efficient. From invoice approvals to employee expenses or supplier requests, repetitive processes can be automated to save time and improve accuracy and efficiency.

The benefits of SunSystems tools for business

  • On demand financial planning and analysis – real time data can be drawn from the business at any time to monitor progress and input into strategic decision making.
  • More financial control – with the insights and accuracy provided by SunSystems it’s possible to retain tight control over spending and improve overall financial performance.
  • Better management of financial processes – the software supports integrating financial management to make workflows more efficient and effective, as well as providing a better way to manage big data.
  • Improving cash flow management – cash management processes and tools support more efficient supplier handling and optimise cash flow management.
  • Simple and straightforward to use – interfaces can be customised for individual employees so that staff have access to only what they need to do their jobs and data can be controlled and protected.
  • Instant updates on all financial data – the unified ledger system combines everything into one data source, making true perspective a reality and reducing the time spent on end of year accounts and books.
  • Up to the minute technology – the business benefits from cutting edge developments in financial management software, including cloud hosting.

These are some of the key tools available to businesses working with SunSystems, as well as a few of the major benefits of choosing this accounting software. Get in touch today to learn more about what
SunSystems  can do for you.

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