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A powerful financial management solution can help a number of aspects across your business…

and give you a real-time visibility of the data that your business has in a single, centralised view. It can make management of your internal finances much more streamlined and straightforward, so what features should you be looking for in a financial management solution in order to reap the benefits for your business?

Greater financial control for making decisions

Utilising a strong financial solution or specialised accounting software can give you greater control over your costs, and identify financial risks. This means that you can make informed business decisions regarding your finances and transactions with real-time visibility, across different currencies, companies and time zones.

Accounting software with ROI

Streamlining your financial processes and reporting can create a whole, integrated picture of your business at all times – and it is this integration that can bring a ROI to your business. The ability to view data in real-time and create reports quickly and easily can save hours of time for your employees, allowing them to focus on the primary roles within your company and bring a greater return on investment to your business.

Software that scales with your business

The financial management software that you choose now may be a good fit for your requirements, but internal requirement changes could render some solutions inadequate. It’s important that your financial software is able to scale up and down with your business accordingly to meet your changing needs including being able to support the processes that you need.

Sufficient security and data protection

With the GDPR coming into action in May 2018, the importance of security and data protection are at the forefront of concerns for many companies. When looking for a financial management solution, it is important to know that the solution you are using will promote high levels of security and compliance – and that they won’t compromise.

Integration and ease of use

Your financial management solution should also offer the ability to integrate with your current systems and software, and be easy to use. It should offer streamlined functionality and allow users to become familiar with the system easily so that they can learn how to use it for budgeting, forecasting, planning and utilising financial data.

FinanSys is a leading SunSystems partner that provides a complete financial management solution to meet each of our customers’ requirements. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with our team today on 020 7456 9830 to discuss what you are looking for.

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