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Installing accounting software should be a smooth process

Investing in new accounting software can bring a wealth of positive change to any business and help to upgrade and improve performance and experience. Installing accounting software should be a smooth process that runs logically and to time. It can be exactly that, as long as you’re aware of the various aspects involved in installing new accounting software, and you’re ready to manage them.

Identifying need

Why are you implementing new accounting software and what are the goals and objectives for the business in taking this step? Defining the scope of the installation project will give it context and ensure that everyone involved in implementation understands the purpose of the change. In particular, it’s important to focus on what the implementation will enable the business to achieve that is outside of its current scope. This justifies the implementation and can also be motivational in terms of others’ input.

Managing change

Change is inevitable and, in general, something to be embraced in business. However, it’s also important to ensure that you have controls in place that enable change to be well managed. Change may well happen during an implementation project – and it could be an adjustment for the better. Before an issue arises, it’s important to define what change controls are in place to ensure that any change is well managed and you don’t experience scope creep.

Handling risk

Proactive handling of risk involves identifying those risks in advance. Highlighting the potential risks involved in an implementation allow those risks to be planned for. It means that you’re unlikely to be taken by surprise by an event or occurrence because these will have been thought through well in advance. Contingencies can be put in place to ensure that the implementation project runs smoothly, despite the potential risks involved, and that there are no delays or obstacles arising as a result of a lack of insight and planning.

Ensuring available resources

Do you have the right level of resource to deliver implementation of this project? It’s key to approach this realistically i.e. not expecting staff to work through the night, every night, in order to achieve a successful implementation. You’ll not only need to consider whether you have the right level of resource to complete the project but also how to ring fence that allocation so that people aren’t being torn in multiple different directions, slowing progress down.

The value of a good project manager

Project managing a new accounting software implementation is rarely a full-time role and often gets passed to someone who already has a lot to deal with. Regardless, it’s important to ensure your chosen project manager has the time to do a good job. They will need to handle a very wide range of different concerns and tasks, from managing deliverables to assessing risk and organising tasks and equipment – proper time should be allocated to ensure that this can be well done.

Implementing a new accounting software can be a simple and smooth process, especially when you’re working with a product like SunSystems – our team of experienced consultants can help you to manage the installation process and get up and running in no time. Contact FinanSys today to find out more.

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