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SunSystems is a financial management system trusted by many…

as an intuitive accounting solution that delivers crucial insights and perspective. There are a number of key reasons why SunSystems is a first choice financial management solution.

1. SunSystems is a world leader, already trusted by clients across 190 countries. It’s also a financial management system with three decades of experience and expertise built in, which has produced a well tailored system that is versatile and easy to use.

2. Integrating cutting edge technology. SunSystems has evolved with the changing needs of its clients and the developing technological environment. Collaboration, cross-application process flows and an exceptional user interface are just a few of the features of the latest evolution of a system at the cutting edge of financial management.

3. Choose your deployment option. From cloud to on premise – or hybrid – there are multiple deployment options to choose from.

4. Seamless integration with existing systems. One of the design features of SunSystems is seamless integration with infrastructure already in place, such as financial, enterprise or asset systems. Key integration tools enable improvement of exception management, better efficiency and help to avoid operational congestion.

5. Simple, intuitive interface. Ease of use is a key feature for a financial management system that will bring clarity and simplicity to operations across the board. SunSystems’ user interface is continually evolving to tailor it to client experience and enhance usability. It has been specifically designed for ease of use with language and functionality that will be familiar to those in accountancy and financial management.

6. Cross-industry scope. There is specific functionality within SunSystems for a number of industries, including financial services, not-for-profit, and energy, oil and gas. However, the system is incredibly versatile and is well suited many vertical markets.

7. Future-proofing your systems. SunSystems’ approach to the evolution of its system provides a firm foundation of financial management on which companies can develop and grow.

8. Both basic and advanced features. One of the benefits of SunSystems that makes it a tool with such broad application is the flexibility it offers to such a wide range of different businesses. Basic features include different languages and currency options and there are also more advanced features, such as parallel accounting treatments. Financial management can be standardised across countries and information united across business units and companies, depending on the make up of the organisation and its needs.

9. A key financial overview. SunSystems is a financial management system that enables perspective to be gained on financial and business details, from high level down to transactional. This real time data can be used to improve everything, from risk mitigation through to decision making.

10. A single reporting and data source. Collecting key reporting and financial analysis from a range of sources can be incredibly time consuming and is often inaccurate. With SunSystems a single, complete picture is compiled within one easy to use environment, accessible at any time.

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