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What is the Future of SunSystems v4.4

During Infor SunSystems User Day in London, Infor Product Director, James Chisham, explained that although the product is constantly evolving, with over 60% of all SunSystems users on V4, Infor is committed to supporting the product going forward. However, Infor urged V4 customers to look at upgrades to V4.4.2 as this will be the only version that is supported on the latest SQL operating systems.

Meanwhile v4.4.2 will receive the brand new user interface in alignment with SunSystems 6. Furthermore, the new Query and Analysis Evolve and Business Intelligence dashboards are all available on V4. Additionally, as the market is directing itself towards the cloud, V4.4.2 will be supported to integrate with SunSystems cloud. Not to mention the system compatibility with Windows 8.1, Windows server 2012 R2 and SQL server.

The core enhancements that have been supported within V4.4.2 are:

  • Improved number to sentence handling
  • Retrospective aged analysis reporting
  • Alternate items handling in SunSystems business
  • Audit of incomplete journal numbers
  • Bank payment file encryption
  • Posting restrictions based on journal type
  • Post commitments to non-current period
  • Journal import updates – additional description generation and consolidation options

Whilst SunSystems V4 is not being left behind, but what is to come? Infor will release v4.4.2 in the next few months which will update V4 with additional functionalities.
To find out more about a V4 update, please contact our team today.

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