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Additional Courses Added:

Due to the ongoing success of our current courses, FinanSys are pleased to announce two new additional courses SunSystems Admin & SunSystems Business Rules.

The agenda for our latest courses are as follows:

Course 4: SunSystems Admin

  1. User Manger functionality and maintenance
  2. Administration functions within User Manager
  3. Operator Setup
  4. Operator Groups
  5. Users and Groups Security
  6. Group Maintenance
  7. User Maintenance
  8. Data Access Groups
  9. User Group Menu Designer
  10. Manipulating Menu Layout for Users
  11. Creating a new Business Unit
  12. Copying a Business Unit
  13. Deleting a Business Unit
  14. Administration functions within SunSystems
  15. Data Audit
  16. Archiving
  17. Form Designer
  18. Form Permissions Editor
  19. Filter Designer

Course 5: SunSystems Business Rules

  1. Business Rules Overview
  2. Event Profiles
  3. Rule Set
  4. Rule Messages
  5. Basic Elements of a Rule
  6. Additional Business Rule Functionality
  7. Redefining Data Items
  8. Data Sets and Presets
  9. Debugging Techniques
  10. Examples of Business Rules in Practice

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