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Infor Sun Accounting Software 4.4.2. now available

FinanSys are pleased to announce the latest release of Infor SunSystems 4.4.2 is now generally available. This release introduces the following new and enhanced functionality:

  • GUI (graphical user interface refresh) phase 2 updates
  • Portuguese dispatch and invoice
  • Serialisation updates to the Sales/Purchase Invoice module
  • Alternate item functionality in Sales Import
  • Budget checking in Journal Import
  • Consolidation option for Journal Import
  • Restriction of journal posting by journal type
  • Blank audit report suppression
  • Override journal source during Journal Import
  • Security updates
  • Upgrade navigator


Audit Control

All module-related Audit Control is now defined per business unit, and an additional action “Copy” has been included to help aid in selection management.

Fringe audit control shortcuts AX (audit control additional) and AT (transaction audit control) no longer exist. The selections from their forms have now been integrated into their parent functions like shortcut SO/AC (audit control).

Account allocation and void payments

Account allocation and void payments have the ability to audit the setting of allocation marker “C” Correction. The latest details can be viewed via AA`s or AQ`s transaction page “Allocation” overlay in columns “Alloc Ref” and “Date” and “Period”.


The range of data available to report type “PLP” (purchase listing) has been expanded to include item balances (LIT).

Greek “Number to Sentence” and “Date to Sentence” formatting is now available to reporting.

Report type invoice/acknowledgement) related 442 example report formats, LABEL, SA1, SA2, SC1, SD1, SI1, SI2, and SQ1 were modified to align them with an updated formatting process that now requires an appropriate ‘key source’ relationship for account details to be defined. You should review your own Report type I related report formats via report definition to help ensure Account detail relationships are appropriately set.

For example, for the account code on the heading of a sales invoice, select Account Details > Sales Order Customer address Code (the relationship) > Account Code.


Infor SunSystems 4.4.2 removed a rule sets restriction that only permitted mapping of a list of values to a fixed value field (e.g., D or C to the Debit/Credit Indicator). This new release includes mapping of fixed value fields to imported data defined via external format definition.

Technology and platform updates

The following platforms and databases are supported on Infor SunSystems 4.4.2:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 operating system (professional or higher)
  • Microsoft Windows Server® 2012 R2 operating system (standard edition or higher, including remote desktop services (RDS))
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system (standard edition or higher, including RDS)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system software (standard edition or higher)
  • Citrix XenAPP7 – Based on the platforms supported by Citrix and conforming to those listed above, functioning as a published application only
  • Microsoft SQL Server® 2014 relational database management system (standard edition or above)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 relational database management system (standard edition or above)
  • Oracle® Database 12c (standard edition or above)

Important note—Technology platforms unsupported with this release

Please note: The following platforms and databases will no longer be supported with this release onward:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista® operating system software
  • Citrix XenAPP 5 & 6
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (R2) relational database management system, including express edition
  • Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 10g R2
  • Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database 11g R2

For more information, please contact your account manager at FinanSys or call us on 020 7456 9830

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