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Every organisation generates vast volumes of documents

Documents are a necessary part of business and personal life. From essential contracts through to sign off sheets, every organisation generates vast volumes of documents in just a single day. The results can be chaotic if not organised and it can be frustrating and time consuming to have to chase up a paper document from another location. For these reasons, and many more, there is a growing trend towards mobile document capture – in fact, 68% of IT decision makers believe that mobile document capture will significantly increase over the next couple of years.

How does mobile document capture work?

It’s very simple – a smart phone is used to take a photo of the documents that are generated throughout the day. Whether you’re a driver out delivering orders or you’re running a business with multiple locations where contracts are being signed daily, mobile document capture provides a simple way to stay organised. Those staff working on the front line snap an image of the executed or signed document and this is instantly sent back to a central location where it can be sorted and stored.

What are the benefits of mobile document capture?

There is no delay

When you’re working with physical documents there is an inevitable delay in between the document being signed and taking that document to the location where it’s going to be filed away. We can generate a huge amount of paperwork in a single day, from sales invoices through to delivery notes or evidence of damaged goods. Being able to capture and send these instantly saves a lot of time and makes it much easier to be organised.

Goodbye paper mountains

Mobile document capture reduces the amount of paperwork that there is to deal with at the end of the day when you do eventually make it back to your desk. There’s no need to spend hours sorting through the various documents you’ve acquired during the course of the day because everything has already been dealt with.

Smart phones have great cameras

Mobile document capture is simple given that most of us are already carrying around the camera inside our smart phones. These days smart phone cameras are powerful, strong enough to capture even the small print, and easily accessible too.

Efficiency is improved

If there are people at your office waiting for copies of documents, mobile document capture means that they can carry on with their jobs without having to wait for you to return with the original.

Electronic copies are cost effective and easier to share

If you need to distribute copies it’s simple to do with mobile document capture and cheaper than photocopying on paper.

Document capture is an obvious solution in workplaces where employees are frequently mobile and dealing with large volumes of paperwork. Mobile document capture supports more agile working methods and provides the opportunity for everyone to be more efficient and to work smarter thanks to the technology that is available to help.

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