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A UK-based foreign exchange, international payments and prepaid card provider have upgraded SunSystems 6.2 to keep up-to-date with the latest in financial management software.

The client’s previous version, SunSystems 5.4, was outdated and needed to bring their financial system in line with their rapid growth as well as integrating their customer portal to SunSystems. They also required additional licenses and new reports to be configured to facilitate their rapid growth.

Having successfully gone live with their upgrade, which came in under budget, FinanSys also effectively integrated SunSystems with their bespoke customer portal, migrating across daily transactions automatically.

In addition to the upgrade, the client purchased B4B Banklinks for Business. B4B provides a seamless link between SunSystems and their internet banking. Given the high value transactions, the company needed a solution that was automatic and secure, as well as seamlessly integrating to SunSystems.

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