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Change is the only real constant in the business world.

Whether triggered by an internal need to evolve or external forces, business transformation is something that every organisation needs to be prepared for and to plan for. When the time comes, a well managed transition will ensure continuity and keep everyone on board, from clients to staff. It is often the difference between hitting the ground running and faltering at the first hurdle.

Overcoming barriers to business transformation

There are always barriers to change within an organisation, from attitudes that are opposed to change to financial or physical challenges that need to be overcome. With some careful planning and attention, a smooth business transformation can be ensured in most circumstances. It’s often useful to begin by asking the following questions:

Why is change taking place?

Identify the drivers, the benefits and the consequences and ensure that these are shared widely within the business. Where people are a barrier to change, providing the insight to understand why change is taking place might be all that is required to get them on side.

How does the transformation benefit the business?

Often, the need for change is a good opportunity for business review, identifying where the business could do better and what its advantages are over the competition.

Why do you believe that this change is necessary?

Confident decision making is the key to a successful business transformation – this is a project that needs to be led from the front.

How will communication be managed during the transformation

It’s important to establish a communications strategy that you can use to keep others within the business informed about the transformation progress and highlight successes and wins.

Is there a plan for change and has it been implemented?

At some point it will be crucial to get down in black and white the details of the business transformation that is about to take place. This plan should include the potential problems that exist and where the obstacles to change may lie – the advantage of sharing this before any change has taken place is that others may have ideas about solutions.

Have you sufficiently included staff in your plans?

One of the main reasons that many business transformations stumble is because there is internal resistance to change. This may be well informed resistance based on genuine objections or it may simply be due to a lack of information. Including staff in your plans early on will ensure that you overcome resistance coming from a lack of information and have the time to change the minds of those who simply disagree.

What is the end goal?

Defining this at the start of the project will give you an objective to aim for. It will also mean that you have a way of measuring how much progress is being achieved and how far there is still to go before you reach the point of true transformation.

Evolution and change are crucial to successful business and your systems have a big role to play in that. Contact us to find out how we might be able to support you through your next transition.

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