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Automation has become a trending term in recent years thanks to the significant change it has created in operations management. Organisational structures that were once unwieldy and labour intensive can now be streamlined with advanced tools, such as a workflow management solution. If you’re looking to introduce more efficiency and productivity to your operations this year then something like automated workflow solution could make all the difference.

What are automated workflows?

For every business process there is usually a workflow that is required to complete it. These workflows are not always particularly intuitive and could be expensive and time consuming to manage when they rely on purely manual tasks for completion. Many also experience a high proportion of errors for the same reason. Automated workflows are the evolution of these processes, swapping the manual component for web-based intuitive workflow solutions that are swift, accurate, and relatively inexpensive.

What kind of workflows benefit from automation?

There are many different processes that can be made more efficient and effective with this kind of automation. These include purchase invoice approvals, expense reimbursements and intercompany invoicing. Credit card statement processing, sales invoicing and fixed asset onboarding are also functions that benefit from switching to a more intuitive, automated solution.

The benefits of automated workflows for your organisation’s processes

Cloud hosting. If you’re keen to keep costs down the cloud hosting element of automated workflows ensures a lower cost of ownership, as well as easy and secure access from anywhere with an internet connection. This kind of flexibility provides a lot of operational support to businesses looking to be increasingly lean and agile.

Intuitive and easy to use. Automated workflows, such as FinanSys Flow, are very easy to use with a mobile app for iOS and Android that enables flexible access on the move and requires very little training.

Simple integration with existing systems. Automated workflows are designed to be easy to integrate – FinanSys Flow, for example, has seamless integration with SunSystems to create more efficient performance.

Enhancing existing processes and policies. The sophisticated nature of the automated workflow provides an upgrade to existing organisational processes and policies and offers the opportunity to better tailor these to the needs of the business.

Driving productivity. Automation is an efficiency tool and one that is designed to enable resources to be better directed to the right areas of the business and correctly used. Automating workflows removes the potential for the errors and issues that can bring productivity to a grinding halt, and enables overall better management to produce much more impressive results.

Reliability. When the benefits of automation are discussed it’s often advantages such as productivity and cost effectiveness that are mentioned first. However, the reliability of automation is another way in which automated workflows can better support your business’ organisational processes.

If you’d like to find out more about how automation is changing the way that the business world works – and how automated workflows could benefit your business – get in touch.

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