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The dream of a paperless office

The dream of a truly paperless business is one that is finally becoming a reality. Technology has made it possible to move away from less secure and environmentally unsound options to business solutions that leave paper behind. Accounting and finance management software, for example, is a great example of the ways in which paperless solutions are transforming day-today business processes.

Why switch to paperless business solutions?

Efficiency and organisation

Paper documents – and the filing systems that support them – are simply not the most efficient way to organise essential business information. Lost invoices, misfiled contracts or badly maintained employee records can generate hours of work when it comes to locating them or correcting mistakes. Paperless solutions are not only much easier to manage in terms of finding documents but can also be automated to reduce time spent on tasks and ensure that essential documents and processes are not overlooked.

Improved cash flow management

Digital systems have a lot to offer businesses seeking improvements to cash flow management. From the ease of obtaining invoice approvals, to digital notification and tracking of invoices and payments, it’s so much simpler to stay on top of cash flow management with paperless technology.

Better communication and faster outcomes

Paper documents get stuck in people’s in-trays and the only way to remind someone that they are there is to physically go and chase the documents up. This is just not efficient in a modern business environment. Paperless solutions enable faster and more transparent communication and progress, from documents that can be accessed from any device via cloud technology, to automated processes that remove the potential for human error.

The eco factor

Environmentally friendly office process are increasingly a must have as businesses look to establish more socially responsible principles. It’s simply not possible to be a green office where processes are paper heavy. The average office worker gets through 10,000 sheets of paper per year and around two thirds of these are wasted. Paperless business solutions that remove the need to generate invoices, receipts, contracts and email print outs cut down on the huge cost of all that paper use, both to the business and also to the environment.

Making security a priority

Paper based business processes are probably the most vulnerable point for any organisation. Paper is not traceable, physical documents cannot be encrypted or locked and if paper documents go missing then there is often no way to see who last had contact with them. Digital driven processes and the use of software are a game changer when it comes to security and protecting both business and individual data. Data within digital systems can be backed up, encrypted, protected, traced and safely disposed of without leaving the business vulnerable. Given the increased pressure on every enterprise to ensure that security is a top priority, especially when it comes to data protection, paperless systems are an obvious upgrade.

FinanSys provides powerful accounting software that can help to transform your businesses processes and support a paperless office environment. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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